I believe in full transparency. I believe in being who you are. I don’t think you should change your personality just because your ego tells you to based upon some achievements in your life. I am still the person that I am. Yes, I have learned a lot and matured a lot over the years…and that goes into the person that I am today. But, I don’t put on an “act” that is based upon my vision of who my ego might tell me that I am now after a modest career of more than 25+ years. I don’t need to “cover up” who I really am. I am not perfect, and neither are you.

I am still me…with all my faults…but with all of the lessons that I have learned along the way as well. I talk openly to my people, even if sometimes I may think “oh wow, maybe I shouldn’t have said that”…I do it anyways….I am me. What you see is what you get….and just perhaps maybe something can be learned from those experiences, no matter the rawness in which I may tell those stories.

Being open and honest is the best way to lead people. I am not saying this as if I am something special, I am just saying this from my heart. I am a servant.